Thursday, September 9, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

Or possibly the most bizarre road trip ever: Jeffrey Goldberg goes to Cuba and has a series of astonishing conversations with Fidel Castro and (Che Guevara's daughter makes a cameo appearance).

To pad out the post, The Economist points at OECD data on graduates in unskilled jobs, which as one commenter notes is interesting when compared to this OECD press release on expanding tertiary education. Meanwhile on the Schumpeter column, worries about the U.S. University system (although I'm not position to critically evaluate his argument, the decline of science and engineering in western-country universities generally has concerned me for a while, as young people demonstrate by their choices how the status of scientists and engineers has fallen).

Also via The Economist's Free Exchange blog, a thoughtful article from Martin Wolf of the Financial Times on the role of the state in Democratic societies which has an enormous amount of interesting comment arising from it.

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