Monday, September 6, 2010

Atlanta Motor Speedway

So, I've just caught up on this weekend's NASCAR race at Atlanta. Man, mixed emotions; but that's the epic quality of NASCAR and why for me it is basically the ultimate in professional motorsport and an incredible sport, with great athletes. An incredible race, the last 100 laps were just gripping.

The mixed part of those feelings come mainly from seeing Mark Martin's chance of making the Chase evaporate, because I am *such* a Mark Martin fan. Last year's thrilling finale to the Cup Chase when Mark yet again came in runner-up - the greatest driver never to be the champion - was an incredible achievement and as long as he's there I'll be watching.

Man, I could rave for hours about NASCAR; this year's season and the drivers and the drama and the wing versus spoiler and aero push and track position and clean air versus tyres.... wow. And that's before getting into the personalities and pageantry.

There is much to dislike about U.S. popular culture, and U.S. politics is while not quite the most corrupt on the earth is still mostly despicable, but let me say as some other intellectual have that I have no hesitation in celebrating NASCAR. I may have little in the way of shared cultural heritage with its main target audience, but man do I love it.

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