Friday, September 3, 2010

Divine Discontent

Although I'm not normally big on link dumps, I may as well do one here. No comment is offered, except that which is implicit in the offering of these things in conjunction.

Tylen Cowen on interestingness and happiness. A fine example of Marginal Revolution; put it in your feed reader. Economics and happiness is a fascinating topic of research, and Tyler's postings are nicely provocative (in the best way, provoking thought). Having read the blog for many years, I am sorely tempted by his book but what holds me back is the question of how much, as a regular reader of the blog, would be genuinely new to me. Probably a lot, but it's hard to be certain.

Cal Newport posts again, as always on the theme of developing an exceptional life. From his point of view, I've probably followed most of his recommendations: the difference is that I've never really understood my place in the world, and living in a tiny part of the world it has never been easy to understand whether it's a matter of being an outlier in a small sample population or ... well, the impact of large numbers generally.

This morning on Radio New Zealand was a rare interview with a Waikato University researcher on gifted children and high-achieving adults on the Nine To Noon magazine programme; the current presenter Kathryn Ryan does a good job; although normally a poor science interviewer (if only because she's inevitably compared to the excellent broadcaster Kim Hill), she does a fine job here by just giving the interviewer the right kind of leads and just letting him speak to them. Get the MP3.

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